Writer : Jingi Cheon
Year : 2018

As the publisher of the 13th volume of the International Journal of Intangible Heritage I am delighted to be able to introduce it to readers around the world.

Through studies of the intangible cultural heritage of the world, cultural exchange can flourish as experts of all kinds communicate and collaborate with local communities and exchange information with their peers.

This year, volume 13 contains thirteen research papers by twenty-six outstanding experts from the field of intangible cultural heritage. In addition to discussions on the implementation of the 2003 Convention , the articles cover a wide range of topics such as case studies from various countries, the role of museums in the digitisation of intangible heritage, intangible heritage and tourism, the co-production of knowledge through online platforms, intangible heritage and religion, and the issue of conserving intangible cultural heritage that has been transformed by the forces of globalisation. I sincerely thank those who have contributed these important articles which are the result of intense research. It is work of this nature that creates the Journal.

Recently, many museums have been working on activities related to ICH, including special exhibitions and educational programmes. It is vital to collect and record the fruits of their research. In addition to publishing a journal about ICH, the National Folk Museum of Korea tries to convey the diversity of intangible heritage to the next generation. We are also hosting the very first Video Archive International Conference to share information about ways we can use folk material acquired as the result of The World Folk Film Festival, by collecting and sharing videos about various cultures. We hope that this will give us the opportunity to educate others.

Finally, I would like to express appreciation to all those who have contributed to the publication of the Journal . I thank the members of the Editorial Board who work on the Journal with infinite expertise and boundless enthusiasm. I also thank the Editorial Coordination team for all their hard work in the weeks and months leading up to publication. And above all, I want to express a debt of gratitude to Ms Alissandra Cummins, the Director of the Barbados Museum and Historical Society and Chairperson of the Barbados National Commission for UNESCO, for her excellent stewardship as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal . It is the interest of such people that enables us to continue to produce such a high quality publication. I look to their unstinting advice and continued cooperation to ensure a promising future for the International Journal of Intangible Heritage.