Chul-In Yoo

Current position:
03/1984- present Professor of Anthropology, Department of Philosophy, Jeju National University, Jeju City, Korea.

Previous positions:
08/2010-08/2011 Visiting Fellow, Tohoku University and Yamagata University, Japan.
01/2004-12/2004 Visiting Scholar, Museum of Anthropology, Univ. of Michigan, U.S.A.
10/1997-03/2001 Director, University Museum, Jeju National University.

Professional affiliations:
05/2018-present Member, Advisory Committee for Korea Important Fisheries Heritage Systems, Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, Korea
01/2017-12/2017 President, Korean Oral History Association.
01/2016- present Editorial Board Member, International Journal of Intangible Heritage, National Folk Museum of Korea.
12/2015- present Member, Committee for Safeguarding Jeju Haenyeo Culture, Jeju Province, Korea.
04/2015-12/2016 Editor-in-Chief, Intangible Heritage Association, Korea.
01/2015- present Member, MAB National Committee of the Republic of Korea, UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere Programme.
01/2015-12/2016 President, The Korean Society for Cultural Anthropology.
03/2014-02/2015 Director, Jeju 4·3 Research Institute, Jeju City.
06/2013-02/2015 Editorial Board Member, Korea Journal, Korean National Commission for UNESCO.
01/2013-12/2014 President, The Society for Jeju Studies, Korea.
08/2011-12/2014 Editor-in-Chief, The Korean Society for Cultural Anthropology.
11/2008-08/2010 Director, Halla Mt. Ecology and Culture Research Institute, Jeju City.
03/2008-02/2010 Editor-in-Chief, Korean Society of Education for International Understanding.
03/2007-08/2010 Editor-in-Chief, Cross-Cultural Studies, Seoul National University.
06/2000-12/2001 President, Korean Society for History and Culture.
01/1993-12/1996 Editor-in-Chief, The Society for Jeju Studies.