Volume 2

View Points

  • Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage: Key Factors in Implementing the 2003 Convention
    Author : Richard Kurin

Main Papers

  • Gomek Gomanan: Ritual and Power Among the Tagabawa Bagobos of Davao, Mindanao, The Philippines
    Author : Honey Libertine R. Achanzar
  • Life and Tradition of the Ababda Nomads in the Egyptian Desert, the Junction between Intangible and Tangible Heritage Management
    Author : Jolanda E.M.F. Bos-Seldenthuis
  • Defining Intangible Cultural Heritage and its Stakeholders: the Case of Japan
    Author : Voltaire Garces Cang
  • The Problems and Opportunities of Content-based Analysis and Description of Ethnic Music
    Author : Dirk Moelants, Olmo Cornelis, Marc Leman, Jos Gansemans, Rita De Caluwe, Guy De Tré, Tom Matthé & Axel Hallez
  • Whalers' Shanties of Barouallie, St. Vincent: Observations on the Nature, Decline and Revival of a Unique Caribbean Maritime Tradition
    Author : Daniel Lanier & Vincent Reid
  • Museums and the Intangible Heritage : the Case Study of the Afrikaans Language Museum
    Author : Matilda Burden
  • Crossing Cultures through the Intangible Heritage: an Educational Programme about Migration in Greece
    Author : Maria Vlachaki

Short Papers

  • A Major Advance towards a Holistic Approach to Heritage Conservation: the 2003 Intangible Heritage Convention
    Author : Mounir Bouchenaki
  • Project Report:the National 'Human Living Treasures' Programme of the Astra Museum, Sibiu, Romania
    Author : Corneliu Ioan Bucur
  • 2007: the Year of Jeju Folklore Project-Reviving the Cultural Heritage of Nature's Paradise
    Author : Minho Han
  • Conference Report: Tangible-Intangible Cultural Heritage: A Sustainable Dichotomy? the 7th Annual Cambridge Heritage Seminar
    Author : Charlotte Andrews & Dacia Viejo-Rose & Britt Baillie & Benjamin Morris
  • Symposium Report: Only in America? Ethnographic Archives, Communities of Orinin and Intangible Cultural Heritage
    Author : Martin Skrydstrup
  • Project Report: Born in Europe: an International Programme on Representing Migrant Experiences in European Museums
    Author : Udo Gößwald

Book Reviews

  • Book Review: Tim Harte & Ineke Vorster. Indigenous Knowledge on the South Arfican Landscape: Potentials for Agricultural Development [Cape Town: HSRC Press, 2006]
    Author : Patrick J. Boylan